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Larksong (WhiteClan Medicine Cat, Advanced)

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Larksong (WhiteClan Medicine Cat, Advanced)

Post by Strawberry on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:55 am

Cats Name: Larksong
Age/b]: 19 moons
: WhiteClan
Rank: Medicine Cat
Lineage: Descendant of Redstar (Leader of ThunderClan when SkyClan left the forest)
Looks: Larksong is a classic brown torbie/patched tabby she-cat. Her fur is smooth, but sort of rough. She is new to her job as medicine cat, and very young. Her legs are in between short and medium-short. Her paws are small and quick with sorting herbs. Her tail is fluffy and elegant. Larksong's eyes hold a pale green hue. Her paws are white. One of her ears has a long V-shaped nick.
Personality: Larksong can be fiesty and hot-tempered at times, but is will always be the warm-hearted medicine cat everyone will always find sorting herbs or treating a paw with thorns in it. She is a total neat-freak. Larksong will always want everything in order, or else she will start sweating. She just hates to see dirty, broken, or messy things. Exclamation She is creative but sometimes gets frusturated.
Likes: She will always love to see neat and tidy dens. If she wakes up and her nest is a mess, she makes it all clean and tidy again. Dreaming, dreaming, and dreaming some more Sleep is another one of her likes. She loves to get messages from StarClan so that she can help her Clan out. She also likes a certain tom... Suspect affraid
Dislikes: Larksong absolutely HATES untidy things that are messed up. It's on of her pet peeves. Her other dislikes are: kittypets, overeaters confused , and lazy cats.
Strengths: Hunting, finding herbs, telling if somebody is lying or not.
Weaknesses: Fighting, birds, mean kitties.
History: Born into WhiteClan, she was raised with her brother and sister, Cardinalkit and Pigeonkit. They were all named after birds. Larkkit (Her name at the time) was living the good life until greencough swept through the camp. The sisters and brother were all five and a half moons old. Cardinalkit, Pigeonkit, their parents, and many more cats caught greencough and died. Larkkit was the only survivor from her family. She soon became an apprentice and received the name Larkpaw. Her mentor caught whitecough that developed into greencough, and he died also. Instead of getting a new mentor, the very very old medicine cat lol! made Larkpaw her apprentice. The rest is history.

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Re: Larksong (WhiteClan Medicine Cat, Advanced)

Post by Soulstar on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:56 am



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