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Whiteclan Camp

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Whiteclan Camp

Post by Foxstar on Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:20 pm

*Foxblaze writhed in the warrior's den. His eyes were shut tight, his paws swimming desperately and aimlessly in the air. He rolled over, letting out troubled groans.

Running through the forest, Foxblaze's heart beat like a hare's. He tore away from the large, ginger colored creature, its breath hot on his heels. He turned on a dime and raked his fore-paws across the creature's skinny muzzle.
The fox let out a screech and leaped at Foxblaze, pinning him to the ground.
"Help!" yowled with terror, "Help me!"

Foxblaze jolted awake, his eyes wild with terror. Thank Starclan it was only a dream! he thought to himself. He sat, wide-eyed, peering around the warriors den. Every cat was sound asleep. He didn't seem to have woken any of them.
Relieved, he rose to his paws and carefully edged his way around the sleeping Clan cats. He poked his head out of the bramble barrier leading out to camp, his eyes slit. With a deep breath, he pushed through the brambles and into the clearing, the thorns tugging satisfyingly at his coat.
No cat must be awake yet, he thought, gazing around the clearing. It was very early, earlier than the normal dawn patrol. I'll have to wait to organize patrols yet. The sky was still dark, silverpelt gleaming down on Whiteclan. Foxblaze let out a purr of satisfaction and padded to the center of the clearing, where he sat delicately with his tail wrapped around his paws.*

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