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This Months User of the Month is...........No one D: Because this is a brand new feature to this site!

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Foxtail (Advanced Thunderclan-Deputy)

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Foxtail (Advanced Thunderclan-Deputy) Empty Foxtail (Advanced Thunderclan-Deputy)

Post by Clawwish on Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:35 am

Cats Name: Foxtail
Age: 23 moons
Rank: Deputy
Lineage: Descendant of Lionblaze
Mate/Crush: Looking
Kits: Hope to have
Looks(5 Sentences or more): Foxtail is a brown tom with bright green eyes. The tips of his tail and his paws are white. He is of average size and has long whiskers. His fur is short and he has a long tail. His eyes tend to reflect the moonlight and his fur shines in the sun.
Personality(4 or More sentences): Foxtail is friendly, understanding and loyal. He has a strong sense of justice and analyses a question before answering, thus he sometimes argue about things with others, including his own leader. He is swift and intelligent, thus able to think through things quite fast. He can be fierce and bad-tempered when his or the leader's orders aren't obeyed or when a cat breaks the warrior code.
Likes(3 or more): Foxtail likes to feed on mouse and black birds. He also likes to chase butterflies but tries to resist the temptation especially when he is doing his duties. He loves to explore and try out new things.
Dislikes(4 or More): Foxtail hates unloyal and rule-breaking cats. He also hates cats who are biased and jumps to conclusions. He hates eating fishes and water.
Strengths(3 or More): Foxtail is swift and intelligent. He has a strong sense of smell. His friendliness and understanding allows him to gain trust from his clan mates. He is also well-trained.
Weaknesses(4 or More): Foxtail is quick-tempered. He can be sharp-tongued when he is angry. He can be very stubborn at times and does not trust easily.
History(8 or more sentences): Foxtail was born in the forest alongside his sister, Swiftwing. His parents were Thunderclan cats and his father was a deputy. He enjoyed life as a kit but when he was 3 moons, he decided to go adventuring outside camp with his sister, Swiftwing. Having been mistaken as a fox, some twolegs shot at him but his sister was in front of him and was killed. His parents went to find them and he ran back to camp. His father was killed and his mother was captured.
When he was 6 moons old, he became an apprentice and trained well. He was a keen learner but his mentor died of greencough when he was only 8 moons. He had a new mentor who disliked him and training became tough. His mentor was ambitious and turned against the leader. He killed his mentor skilfully and became a warrior at 10 moons.

Riverclan-Rainstar (Leader)
Windclan-Bluewhisker (Medicine cat)


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Foxtail (Advanced Thunderclan-Deputy) Empty Re: Foxtail (Advanced Thunderclan-Deputy)

Post by Soulstar on Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:17 am

Accepted I'll add it later to the list because I got BIG renovations for the site

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