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My Immortal (Part Fan-Fiction)

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My Immortal (Part Fan-Fiction) Empty My Immortal (Part Fan-Fiction)

Post by Foxstar on Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:07 pm

In this world, humans can possess powers, turn into animals and there are many other species in the world that are equal to them as well - such as the Lupin species and Elf species. In this world, there is one Supreme Being - Selena, a Lupin, the most powerful being in the universe. Her two protectors, Brown and Seth, were send on the word of God himself to protect her as former angels. There is one group who would like to do harm to this Supreme Being, called The Organization. Their members may dwell anywhere, set traps, and lurk under your bed...

Selena/Lupin/Female/14 yrs old (brother: Connor/subject to Riot of Blood)
Brown/Angel/Male/26 yrs old (Selena's guardian angel)
Seth/Angel/Male/16 yrs old (Selena's guardian angel)
Mister/C-Angel/Male/12 yrs old (secretly oversees Seth and Brown's work)
Castiel/Human/Male/35 yrs old (insane evil scientist/The Organization)
Connor/Unknown/Male/17 yrs old (sister: Selena/The Organization)
Iori/Human/Male/20 yrs old (also subject to Riot of Blood
Orochi/Demon/Male/age unknown (Curser of Riot of Blood/The Organization/Selena's Equal-In-Power

-A Terrifying Discovery (one)
-A Sibling Rivalry (two)
-My Feelings (three)
-Wait, Mister! (four/in progress)

Chapter One: A Terrifying Discovery!

Connor walked in, staring at the floor, a frustrated sense seeping through his skin. Connor was my half-blood brother. He was thought to be Elf-Lupin cross, unlike myself, who's full-blooded Lupin. He has very long, brown hair and a small goatee that gives him a fierce look. His eyes, too, are brown. I look much like my brother, aside from the silly looking long Elf ears. Instead, I have furry white wolf ears and a puffy white tail, too.
As brother entered, I saw a gleam of rebellion in his eyes.
"His aura is different than usual," whispered Seth, one of my guardians who sat next to me on the sofa. "In fact, I'd say it was rather furious. His mind is racing, too." I nodded.
Seth and Brown were my two guardians - fallen angels sent down to protect me, an order from God Himself. Brown has short, rather spiky brown hair and brown eyes, and a brown brown martial-arts based uniform. He also carries around a ninja's sword.
Seth, on the other hand, is more Gothic and - dare I say it - more serious. His outfit is rather unfathomable, though. He carries a ten-foot buster sword on his back and tons of chains.
"What's wrong, brother?" I asked innocently. He halted and looked over his shoulder at me.
"Nothing, sister, I am just in one of my weird moods again." He turned and heavily climbed the stairs to the second floor. I turned to Seth.
"You so easily read his emotions. Can you tell what's on his mind?" I asked, ears twitching as I sat awkwardly on the sofa.
"If we could read minds, our job would be much easier," Brown teased as he sat beside Seth, who silenced him with a finger.
"I can tell his intentions are not pure," he said in a hushed tone. What did he mean? "Don't let your guard down for even a second." He patted me on the head with a huge, annoying grin.
"Don't treat me like I'm five," I growled as I pulled away, "If you two would do your jobs and guard me, I might not have Riot of the Blood, now, would I?" I teased, half-jokingly. Brown looked away guiltily but Seth didn't blink. Instead, he shrugged coolly.
"You left without permission the night when that happened, miss. It wasn't our fault."
"Whatever," I concluded. Riot of the Blood was a stage I was cursed with that I enter when provoked or in the presence of Orochi, the one who cursed me with it. When in that stage, I lose consciousness and can't control my own actions, and I usually wake up with serious injuries. I apparently rage and lash out violently at everyone.
"Anyway," Seth broke in, "we should be getting some rest." He stretched, glancing over at the bed place. "This stupid Inn, giving us a room with only two beds." He looked at Brown and then at me. "Hmmm, maybe..." he started thoughtfully.
"Brown can turn into a hawk and you can turn into a wolf and you can both sleep that way," I blurted. No way was I going to sleep in the same bed with anyone. Seth began to argue but quickly broke off when Connor came back down the stairs.
"The toilet is broke." He said dryly. I burst out laughing.
"Now it probably stinks, thanks to your poo!" I teased. Connor grabbed me and gave me a painful nookie. "Ow! Stop that!" I cried out, and then without thinking, sank my fangs into his arm.
"Crap! Ow!" He shouted, examining his arm, which had two small puncture wounds in it that were seeping with blood. For a brief moment I sensed murderous intent in his mind. Seth and Brown must have felt it, too, because they quickly rushed to my aid.
Seth had an assassin's knife held at Connor's throat while Brown stood in front of me, his blade drawn and a tense look on his face.
Don't touch her," Seth spoke into Connor's ear, "I will end you..." He concluded as he slowly withdrew. He didn't put his knife back, though. Brown sheathed his sword, but tension crackled from his skin like fireworks. Connor snorted.
"You underestimate me. Who says you could win in a fight?" He threatened. For the first time ever, he appeared to be someone else. In an attempt to resolve the situation, I said, "I'm really sorry, brother. I didn't mean it. But you were hurting me..." He quickly broke me off.
"We're going to bed," he sneered, a disgusted look on his face.

Chapter Two: A Sibling Rivalry!

I woke to a shadowy figure standing above me. Before I could react, an eerie, red glowing eye penetrated the darkness.
"O-Orochi...!?" I managed to choke out. No.. it was my brother. I flailed in an attempt to escape, but his hand was cuffed over my throat. "O...Oro..chi!!" I choked. Then, I realized it was light. Alerted faces surrounded me.
"What is wrong??" Asked Brown.
"It's okay! It was only a nightmare.." Seth soothed, his hand laying on my shoulder.
"...No..N..No..." I stammered. It seemed so real! "It was Orochi.." I coughed. "Where's Connor?" I asked when I finally became calm. His bed was already empty and his scent was stale.
"He was gone when we woke," Brown told me, "But you were sound alseep." Seth nodded in agreement. I explained to them what had gone on in my dream.
"It was probably just your worries," Seth assumed. He was always the one to try and keep me as calm as possible.
"Yeah.. I guess.." I said as I resisted the urge to hug him. He was always there to care for me.
"We could go look for him." Brown suggested. That was a great idea. I nodded in agreement. Though, I didn't want to find my brother associating with The Organization. That was all I needed - my own blood out to get me. Though I knew the Organization would never dare kill me, I did know that they wanted my powers, even though I haven't discovered them all myself. Seth agreed and I turned into my wolf form. He put my collar on and fastened the leash to it (so I would look domestic). As we walked out of the Inn, I caught Connor's stale scent almost immediately.
"Found it, did you?" Seth remarked. I nodded and then we began to walk, the scent growing evenly stronger as we neared the alleyways. Brown kept his hand on his sword in case of an encounter. Finally, we reached a long alleyway where Connor's scent led to. How creepy, I told myself. Then we reached a door, and I turned back into my human form.
"He's here, huh?" Brown mumbled. He always tried to hide his emotions, from me in particular. This made me think things.
"Let's go inside, but, Selena, be careful." Seth warned. Was that a quiver in his voice I heard? "This place has a very dark aura." I gulped. What was my brother doing here? As Brown twisted the old, rusty doorknob, we slipped inside. Brown entered first. Seth insisted to hold my hand, so in case anything were to appear, he could protect me. Below his bravery, I sensed something different, softer. Then a twinge of fear. From this, I could infer that he was scared for me. I didn't want him to notice how well I was reading him, so I looked forward. By this time, we were already half-way down the hall. "If anything happens, I'm counting on you to keep an eye on Selena like a hawk," Seth told Brown. I nudged him. "Just in case," he added.
"Of course," Brown said coolly, "I'd protect her with my life." I let out a soft chuckle.
"You're both talking like I'm not here. Nothing is going to happen to anyone," said.
"But there is a very dark aura enveloping this entire building," Brown put in awkwardly.
I sighed. We finally reached the door at the end of the hall.
"Shhh," Seth prompted. He got out his ten foot buster sword and bust down the door.
"Take me sword," Brown told me, and I did. I was not worried about him. He was great at Tai Jitsu. There were furious voices from inside the room and I recognized one of them: Connor.
"It's an ambush!" he shouted. Suddenly, dozens of people carrying bladed weapons appeared from all directions. I noticed the symbol on their clothes - The Organization!
My dreams had come true. What was my brother doing with the Organization!?
Suddenly I realized that two soldiers were attacking me. I easily routed them, for Brown was my master. I had learned to fight very easy from him. Then I spotted Castiel. He was staring at me, and standing beside him was my brother!
"Connor--!" I started, but I was cut off when I saw Orochi next to them as well.
"Run!" Seth demanded me. "Run away!" He yelled.
"No, I won't leave you!" I yelled in reply through the crowd of soldiers charging me. I had left my guardians before and I didn't see them for a month after that. During that I had to stay with Iori and Kyo.
I got a sudden splitting headache and fell to the floor. My sight became very blurry.
"No..!" I said when I saw Orochi approaching me. "I won't lose!" I rose to my feet, fighting consciousness, and thrust my sword at him with all my might.
"Fool," his eerie voice echoed in my head, "It's inevitable. Sleep, my darling." Fury swept over me. Suddenly I got a burst of strength. I leaped at him, clawing for his eyes, but my attacks were useless. I guess I fell unconscious.
"Her breathing has gone back to normal," I heard a voice say above me. "It looks like she's coming to." I recognized the voice, but I couldn't think of whose it was.
"Connor...?" I asked.
"Calling for her brother," said another voice. "Get him in here to speak with her." I realized who was speaking.
"OROCHI!" I shot open my eyes and struggled against the machinery that held me in place.
"Stay put," he said, "If you can even help to.." I growled and bared my teeth.
"You jerk! I'll kill you!" I snarled.
"That doesn't sound like something the Supreme Being should say," said another voice.
"Connor!" I said with a small gleam of hope. Then it faded.
"...Shut up. To me, you are no longer my sister."
"...What!?" I exclaimed, trying to read his emotions. His eyes were clouded, and I couldn't sense anything. "..C-Connor...!" I stammered. "Where's Seth?" I asked.
"They should be fine. We let them go a few hours ago." He said.
"Why are you with The Organization?" I asked. I sensed a slight pang of sympathy pass through Connor.
"..You sicken me." He concluded. He began to walk away, and Castiel took his place.
"Dear," he said to me, "You have much to learn."
"Let me go so I can kick your butt!" I growled.

Chapter Three: My Feelings

I woke up over someone's shoulder. Alarmed, I began to flail. Then I realized it was Seth.
"It's okay," he said and took me down. When I looked at him, studying him for his emotions, I sensed relief. Had he thought I was dead? At that moment I stretched my arms around him.
"It's so good to see you.. Seth." I said. Slowly, he hugged me as well.
"I'm glad you're okay," he said. His emotions seemed to spill out all at once. Happiness, concern, sadness, grief, relief, and anxiety
"Seth," I murmured, "Why do you feel so responsible for what I do?" He withdrew and looked at me seriously.
"I am your guardian angel," he said simply.
"But I did it on my own accord." I replied. He seemed to be avoiding my eyes as much as Brown usually did.
"I just do," he retorted, grabbing my hand and began to walk again. "God told me not to let you get hurt."
"I'm not going to die. The Organization wouldn't want that, either." Seth held up a finger.
"You're nervous," he observed, "And you're as red as an apple. You're hiding something." he went on.
"Stop it!" I hissed.
"You hide it badly, you know." He said as he came to a stop. I became panicky. "So is Brown," he pushed.
"Hiding what..?" I growled, avoiding his eyes.
"That forbidden emotion among us angels,' he put his hands on his hips and looked up to the starry sky. I swallowed slowly. "I guess it's one thing that mortals can't hide forever."
"Yes," I put in awkwardly, "...But..."
"Us angels are not allowed a love life. It will distract us from our true duties."
"...But..." I couldn't think of anything to say. He must have felt my discomfort.
"You have to see Iori," he said randomly, "You have improved, I noticed."
"I didn't want to get hurt again," I said, "It will be good to see Iori again."
Iori and I had a special bond due to the fact that we were both cursed by Orochi.
"Let's go," Seth broke into my thoughts, "We're staying with him overnight."
"Them?" I questioned.
"Iori and Kyo..." he faded off as though he was thinking deeply about something.
"Oh, that's just great. Now we have to listen to them arguing all night." I complained. "They did that last time, too." Kyo was Seth's third choice guardian if he had to leave. He had the blood of someone who sealed Orochi away long ago, along with Iori. But they were rivals by instinct. Most people favorite Kyo over Iori because Iori looks so intimidating. The truth is, once you get to know him, he's not so bad.
I began to walk with Seth again when I heard a noise behind us. I turned on a dime to see who it was.
"Hey--!" I gasped. By this time, Seth was turned as well. "It's you...!" I recognized the short man in the white cloak who kept his hood up. The man paused.
"Are you following us!?" Seth demanded, ready to draw his sword. The man rose a hand. I felt Seth tense behind me. However, for some odd reason, I felt calmed by the man's presence.
"I shalt not harm thou. I cometh to speak with thine," spoke the man, pointing to me.
"What...!" Seth stepped in front of me. "Show your face. I won't let you take Selena." It was then that I caught something. When the mysterious person spoke, it sounded youthful. This was a mere boy, not a man. But the day he assisted Brown and I against The Organization, he was very skilled with his scythe. How could a mere boy possess such power? I hadn't even seen his face. Now I knew that he was of some great importance.

Chapter Four: Wait, Mister!

"Seth, I know this boy from somewhere," I explained. Seth looked at me questionlingly. "Before I met you, he aided me and Brown in an ambush."
"...Be careful." He slowly advised. I nodded.
"I promise I will." I then turned back to the cloaked boy. I could only see his chin, his hood so low. The cloak he wore was white with a large red cross on the back of it.
"Show your face, mister." I prompted. The by rose his hand to his head and pulled down his hood.
Seth gasped. The boy looked only about ten years old! He had semi-short white hair and amazing blue eyes.
"Cometh to me." he said in an echoing voice. "Thou art in great danger," he explained as I walked closer to him. "Thou shalt not be protected in the world of mortals." I was very close to him now.
"Who are you?" I asked, almost in a daze. "Do you have a name?"
"I haven't a name." He told me, "Please come with me." He seemed almost desperate, but neither his eyes nor voice portrayed emotions.
"I'm sorry.." I replied, "But I can't." I pointed to Seth, who stood speechless, for some reason.
"This is an order," said the boy, "Thou haven't a choice." This is when Seth stepped in.
"Selena goes nowhere." He seemed to be challenging the boy. "She stays."
"Then thou shalt both be cursed," he warned. "Twas an order from God Himself."

(To be continued...)

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My Immortal (Part Fan-Fiction) Empty Re: My Immortal (Part Fan-Fiction)

Post by Foxstar on Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:33 pm

Finished A Sibling Rivalry, and added chapters three and part of four. Smile

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